B.Ed Course is imparted in five optional subjects

1. Commerce
2. Malayalam
3. Mathematics
4. Natural Science
5. Social Science
Compulsory Practice Teaching and 5 day Community Leaving Camp, being part of the course is conducting to the B.Ed Trainees. Study Tour/ Field Trip are also conducting for common and Optional wise students during the course period. ID-UL –FITHER, X’mas and ONAM festivals are being celebrated in a common platform every year for the students and staff. Important National Days like, Independence Day, Republic Day, Human Rights Day and Teachers Day are celebrating in this Institution.
Eminent personalities in various fields especially in the field of education will be invited to this institution. PTA is functioning and new office bearers will be elected every year for the well being of this Institute. Students get training in Agricultural farming in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Anakkayam .



College Union Election will be held every year to select students representatives. Important function and celebration of festival will be organized under the leader ship of college union and guidance of Teahcers. Study tour and field trips are also being held by the college union in every academic year.
Important National Celebrations like Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers Day, and Human Race Day will be celebrated with all its important.


Parent Teachers Association is functioning in this institution as per Govt.Direction and Bye-Law. Every year new Office bears will be elected by the General Body Meeting. The PTA execution committee meeting will be held at least thrice in every academic year to discuss important matters related to the institute.
College Bus plying between Anakkayam and Institute every day for the students and the Staff during morning and evening.