Eligibility for Admission to B.Ed Degree Course

The minimum mark required to make oneself eligible for B.Ed Degree admission is 50% marks for the B.A/B.Sc Degree examination. For Commerce group, the minimum qualification is M.Com Degree with 50% marks.
Relaxation from minimum qualification is 5% marks for EBC and pass mark for SC/ST candidates.

Rules of Admission

a. 50% of admission will be by merit and the other 50% by the management.
b. Applicants seeking admission to B.Ed Degree course by management quata, has to register his/her name by remitting Rs. 100 as registration fee in the college ofice. Those who desire to get the application form by post have to send a money oreder of Rs. 100 to the Principal, along with the request letter bearing the full address of the applicant with Pincode.
c. Application form duly filled in, should reach the Principal before the last date noted in the notification.
d. An intimation letter will be sent to the eligible applicant assigning a date for the interview. If selected for admission, the candidate must join for the college immediately by paying the fees and submitting the necessary certificates.


The following are the fees, the candidates has to remit.
a. Tution fee is Rs. 29000/-
b. A caution deposit of Rs.500/- shall be collected at the time of admission. This will be refunded at the end of the academic year after deducing dues if any to the college. This is to be paid during the time of admission.

Certificate to be submitted

The candidate at the time of admission shall submit the following certificates and the undertakings.
a. T.C from the institution last attended.
c. Degree Diploma/provisional certificate
d. Marklist of B.A/B.Sc, M.A/M.Sc, M.Com examination.
e. Migration certificate (for those who pass from other Universities.)
f. Eligilibity certificate the Calicut University (for those whose degree is from Universities outside Calicut University)
g. Conduct certificate from the head of the institution last attended.
h. Community and income certificates from the concerned authorities. (for those who intend to avail reservation benefits)

The students are advised to keep suffcient copies of certificates before submitting the original to the college.
Admission will be confirmed only after the scrutiny of all the original documents by the Principal.
A signed undertaking both by the student and his/her guardian on the conduct of the student in the college as well as three copies of passport size photograph of the student are to be submitted at the time of admission.

Rules and Regulations

a. Absence without leave for a part of the day and absence without leave for a full day will be counted as absence for one and two days respectively.
b. If a student absents himself/herself, for 5 consecutive working days without applying for leave his/her name will ordinarily be removed from rolls of the college.
c. A student will forefeit one day's leave for three late markings.
d. A student who does not answer when the roll is called or who arrives after roll call, will be marked late.
e. The attendance of each student will be displayed on the notice board at the end of every term.
f. The annual certificate of attendance and progress required for admission to the University Examination will be given only if the student has :
  a. The required attendance out of the total number of working days.
  b. Completed the course of instruction to the satisfaction of the college authorities.
  c. Satisfactory academic acheivement and conduct in the college.
  d. Done all the expected practical work to the satisfaction of the teachers and the Principal.
  e. Attended all the Tests & Examinations conducted in the college.
The students will be observed and appraised by the Principal and the teaching faculty through out the course period and periodic appraisal reports will be sent to the guardian. Internal assessment will mainly be based on this observation and appraisal.


Sl.No Ad.No Name Date of Joining Qualification % of Marks Whether SC/ST/SEBC/FORWARD CAST
1 1687 Anju.M 29-06-2015 M.Com 58.12 FC
2 1681 Aswathi .C.M 29-06-2015 M.Com 61.35 FC
3 1682 Febin .K.P 29-06-2015 M.Com 53.03 SEBC
4 1686 Femina.K 29-06-2015 M.Com 75 SEBC
5 1701 Hasla.C.P 30-06-2015 M.Com 56.5 SEBC
6 1700 Lubna. C.K 30-06-2015 M.Com 55.25 SEBC
7 1721 Neethu.P 13-07-2015 M.Com 50.45 FC
8 1688 Praveena .P 29-06-2015 M.Com 56.81 SEBC
9 1704 Pravitha Muthukad 30-06-2015 M.Com 56.06 FC
10 1685 Ramya.K.P 29-06-2015 M.Com 54.87 SEBC
11 1680 Sabna Mol Kuzhikkattil 29-06-2015 M.Com 59.75 SEBC
12 1684 Savitha .K 29-06-2015 M.Com 77.5 SC
13 1702 Savitha .P 30-06-2015 M.Com 57.15 FC
14 1689 Shamshada Beegam Manayamthodi 29-06-2015 M.Com 61.18 SEBC
15 1683 Sheena K.P 29-06-2015 M.Com 43.07 SC
16 1718 Afswah .A.K 02/07/15 B.A Malayalam 74.75 SEBC
17 1714 Anju.K 30-06-2015 B.A Malayalam 74.75 SC
18 1712 Bibisha .O 30-06-2015 B.A Malayalam 84.75 SC
19 1717 Jonida.P 1/7/15 B.A Malayalam 82.75 SEBC
20 1696 Lincy Thomas 30-06-2015 B.A Malayalam 60 FC
21 1711 Manjusha A.P 30-06-2015 B.A Malayalam 80.05 SC
22 1708 Ramya V.P 30-06-2015 M.A Malayalam 53.42 FC
23 1713 Sajitha .P.P 30-06-2015 B.A Malayalam 82.75 SC
28 1727 Aswathy .T.P 5/8/2015 B.Sc Mathematics 67.5 FC
27 1699 Mubashira. M.P 30-06-2015 B.Sc Mathematics 48.03 SEBC
26 1690 Noora .K.P 29-06-2015 B.Sc Mathematics 79.75 SEBC
25 1710 Sana .P.V 30-06-2015 B.Sc Statistics 69.25 SEBC
24 1707 Shaniba P.K 30-06-2015 B.Sc Mathematics 63.01 SEBC
29 1719 Baby Shifa .C 6/7/2015 B.Sc Family & Community Science 78.5 SEBC
30 1695 Neethu .M.S 30-06-2015 B.Sc Plant Science 72.25 FC
31 1679 Ranjith P 29-06-2015 B.Sc Botany  79.5 FC
32 1698 Sinsina. V 30-06-2015 B.Sc Plant Science 87.25 SEBC
33 1678 Sneha Mathew 29-05-2015 B.Sc Zoology 87 FC
34 1697 Sreedhanya .M 30-06-2015 B.Sc Zoology 73.25 FC
35 1723 Syama.C.D 15-07-2015 B.Sc Plant Science 76 FC
36 1693 Aswathi.K 29-06-2015 BA Economics 58.5 SEBC
37 1705 Hafisa Thasni.P 30-06-2015 BA History  75 SEBC
38 1716 Hisana Thasni .P 1/7/15 BA History  59.25 SEBC
39 1722 Ishak Ali.K 14-07-2015 BA Economics 69.75 SEBC
40 1703 Jamseena M.M 30-06-2015 BA Sociology 64.75 SEBC
41 1706 Khairunneessa .N.K 30-06-2015 BA Sociology 62.05 SEBC
42 1709 Neethumol .P 30-06-2015 BA History  73 SC
43 1692 Nithya .E 29-06-2015 BA Economics 84 SEBC
44 1726 Safeena .P 22-07-2015 BA Sociology 71.25 SEBC
45 1724 Santhini .K 15-07-2015 BA History  67 SC
46 1725 Shanida Mol .K 22-07-2015 BA Sociology 78 SEBC
47 1720 Sijo.P 6/7/15 BA Sociology 57 FC
48 1691 Sudhishna Raj.E.P 29-06-2015 BA Economics 78 SEBC
49 1694 Sukanya. K.P 29-06-2015 BA History  70.25 SC
50 1715 Ummusalma .K.P 30-06-2015 BA Sociology 46.62 SEBC