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The KPPM College of Teacher Education is situated 1.8 Kms away from Anakkayam Junction. The three storied Building is constructed in a calm and serene atmosphere in the midst of trees and Bushes. There is campus facility for athletics and games. The open ground is utilized for football court, badminton court etc. College bus is provided from Anakkayam junction for students and staff during morning and evening. College canteen is working in the compound. This Institution is managed by KPPM Trust, a registered charitable Trust, managed by an 11 member committee headed by the chairman Mr.Mohammed Ashraf.P.K,Koolipulakkal Pathummakkutty Memorial Trust, Reg.No: 321/4/01,XII/Room-2 Pandi Palace Building Manjeri Road, Up Hill ,Malappuram-676505.Mob: 9447167123 and the Secretary Mr.Mohammed Hassel P.K Koolipulakkal Pathummakkutty Memorial Trust, Reg.No: 321/4/01,XII/Room-2 Pandi Palace Building Manjeri Road, Up Hill ,Malappuram-676505 . The college started functioning during the Academic year 2002-2003 getting direction from University of Calicut and on the basis of the order of the affiliation to this college by the University of Calicut bearing No GA-1/D3/2102/2001 dated 14-06-2002. The intake of students was limited to 130 in five Optional Subjects Commerce, Malayalam, Mathematics, Natural Science and Social Science. This Institution is recognized by the National Council for Teacher Education vide order No.FKL/SE/N/20/SRO/NCTE 2002-2003/2316 dated 05-08-2002. Well qualified staff is appointed in this Institution. Consequent on the revision of syllabus and year of course from 2015-2016 the intake of B.Ed students is fixed as one unit (ie, 50 students) by NCTE as per order No . F.SRO/NCTE/APSO0175/B.Ed/KL/2015/69910 Dated 15-07-2015.


Propagation of quality teacher education packed with digital technology can ensure the quality of general education. This quality ensured general education system, should be the backbone of continuous growth and sustainable development of all sectors of society especially the minorities.


Our mission is the preparation of great teachers who ensure the total quality of education. Their teaching will reflect in the life of each and every human being. Our teacher products will be inculcated with values, building respectful relationships in a diversified and multicultural society.


  • To develop technology oriented quality teachers.
  • To develop future teachers with total quality concept.
  • To develop teachers to act as a leader of change in the multicultural context.
  • To organize activities to help student teachers to be sensitised towards nation building.
  • To equip prospective teachers with necessary pedagogic skills.
  • To build confidence using latest methodology of teaching.
  • To build favourable aptitude, familiarizing with the latest trends in education.
  • To create social insight by improving standards with the help of training for democracy.

From the Desk of the Chairman


Chairman of KPPM Trust

Education is a dynamic process in which new-generation thoughts are supplemented persistently to construct a quality society with progressive in approach. It is also realism that the nation is as strong as its education system. A developed country has strong and depth rooted education system where as the developing and poor country has comparatively week and superficial education system. It is the education and its system that makes the country great, strong and developed.

Teacher is an inevitable component of education system. They are the agents of social changes and nation builders. Teacher does not only make planning of education system but also execute, monitor and evaluate the achievement.

Teacher education institutions play a very vital role in developing personality of teachers. Construction of nation is largely depends upon its constructors, so it is a great responsibility of teacher educator institution to impart quality education. With this view KPPM College of teacher education has developed its infrastructure with the modern requirements of quality teacher preparation process. This include e-learning, psychology laboratory as well as established many cells and committee to cater the need of students. The college organizes seminars, symposiums, debates, games and sports meet etc. at frequent intervals. Our teachers of the college are actively working by following pre planed colander, semester planning as well as daily planning. Alumni of college is serving inside and outside the country and imparting quality education. They are actual indicators of quality education that is imparted by the college. The way of working of the management and the teachers are very innovative and appreciable, they do all the things for the welfare of the students and society.


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